Healing is an art as well as a science.   And we believe the path of healing should be an empowering journey.

We all seek opportunities and experiences to reclaim our wholeness, heal from past events, and consciously create a magnificent life.  At Vital Wellness, our goal is to help you integrate healing on multiple levels of mind, body and spirit.  We incorporate intuitive guidance, multiple healing tools, ancient wisdom, energy medicine, education and practical skill building to help you reach your optimum level of wellbeing.

Whether you seek medical intuitive services, energy healing, nutritional advice, hypnotherapy, counseling or mentoring, or want to learn energy mastery skills, we have multiple offerings to help you transform, heal, deepen your awareness, expand your skill set and claim your magnificence.

If you have visited many healthcare practitioners without finding out what the root cause of your illness is,  or if you want to try an alternative path to resolve your health or emotional problems in a natural and holistic manner, or are seeking a higher level of awareness and wellbeing, contact us.  We'll be happy to answer your questions about our services and work with you to determine if we're right for you.