I founded Vital Wellness LLC in 2008 in response to my own experience healing from chronic illness. After being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2006,  I began my journey towards healing my illness using energy medicine and whole foods nutrition.  After experiencing the power and effectiveness of energy medicine, I quickly became trained in multiple forms of energy work, and have developed and refined my own unique way of understanding and working with energy as a healing force.  My work seeks to create transformation on physical, emotional, psychological and energetic levels, and I also educate my clients on whole foods nutrition, detoxification, emotional wellness, to help clients achieve a higher level of physical-emotional-spiritual wellbeing.

I believe that healing has many components, encompassing mind-body-spirit, and as an holistic practitioner, I approach healing and wellness from this perspective.  As an intuitive, I am able to quickly sort out the underlying contributing factors to illness, find and clear energetic blockages, as well as use the best methodologies to assist in healing a client's issues.  

In addition, I am passionate about teaching others intuitive skills, energy work, healing, consciousness studies and supporting spiritual evolvement.  My goal is to help others achieve higher states of conscious living, awareness, energy mastery and service to the betterment of all.  Please explore my site and contact me if my work interests you.


My Training Includes:

BFA, Honors, Massachusetts College of Art

MA,  Counseling Psychology, Lesley University

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, WA State (first licensed in MA in 1997)

3300+ supervised hours of clinical counseling psychotherapy, with a wide range of clients and practice from children to adults in a variety of clinical settings 

300+ hours of hypnosis training, including Certification and specialization in Alchemical Hypnotherapy, with David Quigley, master hypnotherapist and trainer

Certification and training in Quantum Lightweaving with Kenji Kumara, an energetic healing protocol which accesses profound quantum healing states for deep transformation

Certification In Advanced Ancestral Clearing and Forgiveness Work with John Newton, clearing deep cellular imprints in ancestral lineage

Certified in Advanced Jaffe-Mellor Technique, a powerful energy medicine protocol

Training in Level 1 of Healing From the Body Level Up (HBLU), with Dr. Judith Swack, PhD, a wonderfully thorough energy based trauma protocol

Training in Matrix Reimprinting, an advanced EFT protocol, a light trance healing work with tapping acupuncture points

Certification in Somatic Healing (Basic and Advanced) with David Quigley, hypnotic techniques for healing through the body, activating the healer within, and working with cellular memory

Training in Applied Psycho Neurobiology with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, releasing underlying psychological and physical aspects of illness, with one of the world’s leading holistic physicians and experts in Lyme disease and chronic illness, with clinics in the US and Germany.

Reiki, Master level, Usui method, a gentle hands on or distance healing work

Several years training and practice in Yang style Tai Chi, Qi Gong and other internal martial arts practices, including Taoist meditation practices, learning tools to help move energy in the body

Indigenous Healing Practices with several teachers

Sound Healing—intensive work with several teachers, 4 years of training in embodied voice and natural voice/ intuitive expression

Many classes in Muscle Testing and kinesiology, various teachers

Education in whole foods nutrition, neurobiology, psychoneuroimmunology, infectious diseases, detoxification, mindfulness, meditation and consciousness studies.  I regularly follow the research and best practices in psychology and functional medicine as these fields evolve.  My passionate interests in advancing multiple levels of wellness keep me investing and researching these fields to find the best routes towards health and wellness.

Associations and Memberships:

     •    Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists

     •    Member of the Weston A. Price Foundation, a whole foods nutritional approach to         wellbeing based on the work of Dr. Weston A. Price