Emotional Clearing work:

Energy psychology work clears blockages, heals trauma, and removes unhealthy patterns which keep people locked in unhealthy behaviors.  It can also release negative energetic patterns which effect the physical function of the body.  Energy psychology can help raise levels of emotional functioning, and create a sense of peace, which effects the overall health and wellbeing of the body-mind.  This is work that I do on behalf of my clients, and in session with them, and has profound effects on shifting emotional and physical states.  I also offer my clients tools they can learn to help themselves on an ongoing basis.  I encourage my clients to take up mindfulness and meditation practices as a simple way to be able to tune into the body and perceive what is coming up for them around a psychological issue.  Our bodies are senders and receivers of information and a wonderful resource in deepening into more self awareness.

Energetic releasing work is a core component of all the healing work I do.  There are emotional aspects to the energy blocks that the body holds, and the longer the body has held them, the more deeply the energetic resonance.  Some people call this cellular memory, others body memory, some ancestral memory.  Clearing patterns of beliefs, limitations, negative energy and releasing energetic imprints is central to growth and personal empowerment.

Even after years of doing this work, there is still an alchemy to it—and—the client has to want to release the pattern on all levels.  Sometimes the behavior the person wants to change is actually serving them on an unconscious or higher level, unknown to the client.  I use a variety of energy techniques,  including light trance, somatic work (talking directly to the body, bypassing the mind), energy hypnosis, and quantum states of consciousness which yield amazing results.  I may also use Ancestral Forgiveness work, Alchemy Hypnosis, Quantum Lightweaving, inner child work, parts therapy, voice dialog or any combination of tools in session as needed.  Sometimes the work involves following the blocks through the body, resolving one by one til the client feels complete.  

As part of our work together I often coach clients and give them tools for self-healing.  One tool I often teach is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), or tapping on meridian points to help release the energetic charge of specific emotional issues. The American Psychological Association has approved EFT as an evidence based tool for emotional healing.  Also learning energetic grounding, energetic releasing and mindfulness, and other awareness based techniques can also help clients improve their state of wellbeing on a daily basis.  Most people have no knowledge of their energy bodies, and also have no real tools to help keep them in balance.  Often, learning some simple practices can help clients to maintain balance emotionally and energetically.  My emphasis and stance towards enhancing self awareness, resource skill building, mindfulness, and positive psychology can help give clients skills with which to thrive.

In addition, I educate my clients on the benefits of whole foods nutrition and the role diet plays in maintaining psychological health.  A healthy inner ecosystem plays a huge role in maintaining balanced neurotransmitters and essential vitamins which play a big role in mental wellbeing.  If interested, I offer education on brain and gut healthy foods to build a healthy inner ecosystem.  

A 1 hr emotional clearing session is $130.  A 90 minute session is $195.  Packages available.


Ancestral Lineage or Past Life Healing Session

This is very powerful work, and becoming more and more relevant and needed these days.  The energies present have brought up lots of displaced, lost, subconscious and long buried trauma in most people.  Broadly in our culture, we see it manifest as people acting out all kinds of challenging behaviors.  Many of these patterns are often things that plague us which aren’t even ours—they were passed to us from previous generations, epigenetically and energetically, and we otherwise have no knowledge of, as they most often originated many generations ago.  As energy patterns shift and intensify, these changes force to the surface, all the lost, old, dark and unconscious and unresolved material from generations ago.

Through my own synthesis—informed by the powerful tools of family constellation, soul retrieval, ancestral forgiveness, tapping and other hypnotic and energy based approaches, we go back and find the source(s) of the issue—causing pain, dysfunction, unresolved illness and limiting patterns, and release them once and for all.

This can help you if:

you haven’t fully healed from a disease

previous disease patterns reoccur

you find yourself struggling with addictions

you struggle with negative emotions/ patterns you cannot seem to get rid of no matter how much work you’ve done

you have beliefs and you don’t know where they came from, but don’t really feel like they are yours

you have a general inability to break free of limiting habits or beliefs

you are feeling blocked in some aspect of your life

you have an inability to move forward with something you want to achieve

These sessions are powerful, energetic transmissions of healing energy.  They are intuitively guided and can be done with anyone anywhere over the phone, or in person if you so desire.  Most clients experience significant shifts after 1-3 sessions.

See Rates above.