Energy Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a safe, quick tool for accessing underlying limiting beliefs, blocks and trauma.  It accesses the subconscious mind as well as the wisdom of the body.  Many traumatic events and negative beliefs are stored in the body/mind, some from past lives, some from early childhood, or others inherited from ancestral trauma and lineage.  It is not necessary to believe in past lives to do this work, nor do I impose my views on my clients, but it does help to have an open mind about the nature of consciousness and reality We have many filters and beliefs, many that were formed at earlier stages of development, and/ or learned through cultural conditioning.  Some beliefs we directly download from our parents or family of origin and ancestral lineage, others from our culture. Hypnosis strengthens the link to the body/mind, develops tools for dealing with negative emotions, releases old trauma, integrates parts of the self, deepens self knowledge, and creates new and improved belief systems to help us as we evolve and grow.

Hypnosis can also help us access higher states of consciousness, accessing greater wisdom and a deeper level of healing.  Accessing quantum states, and doing healing in these states is actually more powerful than doing healing outside of this realm.  This may be because we are accessing more of the whole being, rather than the limited conscious mind and personality. I also bring my many years of practicing energy and somatic work to my hypnotherapy sessions, which can help you get into your body more deeply, magnify energies for greater depth of insight and resolution, and access greater states of bliss and connection with source energy.  Many clients feel energized and deeply relieved after a session.  Processing and Integration continues after the session is complete.

I am able to see when energy moves in my clients, releasing blocks, which in turn provides relief but often releases toxins.  Releasing these toxins created by the shifts means the clearing is deeper and integration more complete. I offer energetic support to help the body in releasing the toxins from our session together.

This additional level of skill and clearing work and can improve the quality of the healing results.  All of my clients benefit from this additional work post session.

I always practice from a client centered point of view.  I deeply listen, intuit, and gently guide the work and energy, following the lead of the client.  We together create a sacred space of trust, and I hold this space and energy in order to allow the healing to unfold, always listening and being guided by the client.  My clients experience powerful shifts and growth in session.  It is a blessing to assist in this work.

I am certified as a Hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc. and The Alchemy Institute, of Santa Rosa, CA.  I also hold a license to practice Mental Health Counseling in the state of Washington.  Please see my About page for a listing of education and certifications.

Energy Hypnosis sessions are $200 for 90 minutes.   Packages available.