Energy medicine is the use of energy and intention to influence another person’s energy fields to effect change for the purposes of healing.  We are all energetic beings in physical form.  There are many ways that energy healers can do this; common ways are laying on of hands, passing energy from another source to the client;  intentionally sending energetic waves with specific intent or information to a client, or using sound or light waves to heal (also a form of energy/ vibration) among others. Acupuncture is a well known ancient form of energy medicine, using needles at specific meridian points of the body to move chi or life force through the body, releasing blockages.  Many traditional indigenous healers use energy work to heal.  Still other practitioners work with the energy centers of the body or biofield as their main centers of access and healing.  Energy work is one of the oldest and most practiced forms of healing the body-mind-spirit.

My use of energy work combines different techniques, but involves sending energy waves or vibrations, with specific intentions to the body to heal imbalances, clear allergies, disable pathogens, and clear blockages either physically or emotionally to help heal the body-mind-spirit.  I can also send healing energy to a client for general wellness and wellbeing, balance nervous systems, release toxins, open detox pathways, and clear blocks of energetic flow, which creates balance.  Energy work can influence all physical-emotional-spiritual body systems, including DNA and gene expression, in my experience. It is highly effective, with few negative side effects, making it the perfect choice as a healing tool.  Energy is the natural communication form of our cells and thus can be directed to any site in the body, even infections deep in the body.  Our bodies are senders and receivers of light and information in energetic form.  

For more information on the scientific basis of energy medicine, and how it works, including how thoughts influence our biology-mind-body-spirit, please see my reading list.  There are many highly trained and respected scientists who can do a much better job at describing how quantum fields/ energy medicine/ directed intention are believed to work.  Ongoing scientific research is continuing to open our minds to how these fascinating phenomena operate.

Energy Work

I have been formally trained and have been practicing various forms of energy work since 2006. Originally a client using energy work for healing my autoimmune disease, I soon became a practitioner in energy medicine and energy psychology.  After witnessing these remarkable results, my mind opened to what is truly possible in regards to healing through energy.  I continued to study many forms of energy work, including:

EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, an energy psychology protocol

Matrix Reimprinting, (an advanced EFT protocol)

Applied PsychoNeurobiology, a mind/body energy healing modality

Jaffe-Mellor Technique, an energy medicine protocol

Pranic Healing, Level 1, a chakra based energy modality

Muscle Testing (multiple trainings with several teachers)

HBLU, level 1 (Healing From the Body Level Up) a trauma based protocol

Advanced Ancestral Clearing with John Newton

Quantum Lightweaving with Kenji Kumara

Reiki, Master level, Usui method

Several years training and practice in Yang style Tai Chi, Qi Gong and other internal martial arts practices, including Taoist meditation practices, learning tools to help move energy in the body

Indigenous Healing Practices

Sound Healing—intensive work with several teachers