Medical Intuition

I’ve worked for many years as a medical intuitive, helping hundreds of people make sense of complex health issues and their underlying problems.  I read the energy flow through the body, mind and energy field.  Our natural healthy state is one of uninterrupted flow of energy through the bodies systems.  Often there are blocks which impede the flow and may wind up causing pain syndromes, illness and dis-ease.  I can often quickly see the underlying issues and let clients know what are the possible approaches to treatment.  This intuitive gift and my knowledge of energy healing techniques helped me heal from an “incurable” illness, and overcome other life challenges, and is a unique approach than most other healers I’ve met.  I work with clients of all ages, in all professions, and also work in alliance with other health care practitioners.

The major systems I look at are (but not limited to):

immune system

nervous systems function and dysregulation/ communication

nutrition and digestion

food intolerances/ allergies /leaky gut


hormones and endocrine systems

toxins, and body burden

emotional and spiritual issues

limiting belief systems, trauma, anxiety and depression

ancestral and lineage influences

brain issues

energy systems and regulation/ depletion


Everything has a frequency.  In my approach, I develop rapport with the body, tuning into its own language.  The body/mind communicates with me energetically, and indicates what is going on, and often offers options to heal imbalances.  Ongoing interaction can tell me what interventions are working best, saving precious time, money and added stress.  This can be extremely important for someone with a weakened immune system, chronic infections, autoimmune condition or longstanding illness.  Often clients know something isn’t right but simply don’t know what that is.  Some clients come to me for knowledge and healing, and some even stay to develop skills to heal themselves or develop spiritual or energetic knowledge and skills.

I work with clients all over the country as reading a person’s energy is not determined by location.  I also see a small number of clients in my office in the Seattle area.

Services offered:

For a full evaluation of the which I describe above, I schedule a 2 hour window for my intuitive reading, and once complete I type up the findings and email them to the client.  I then schedule a phone call to go over the results with the client and answer further questions at that time.  Occasionally more time may be needed for further research and investigation for complex issues.

The fee for this full evaluation is $300.  Further testing and intuitive work for clients is billed at $150/hr or partial hour thereof.

Food Intolerances:  This is a popular reading as many people today have food intolerances and gut imbalances.  This is an energetic reading of foods which the body has become sensitive to, as well as a list of foods the body is energetically doing well on.   I ask my clients for a complete multi day food journal of what they are currently eating and drinking, and spend 1 hour intuitively reading the energetic compatibility of foods.  I then email you a list of compatible foods.  This evaluation includes a 30 minute followup to go over questions once the dietary changes have been implemented.  The fee for this service is $200.  

Note: The Food Intolerance reading is included in the Full Evaluation, which offers the full scope of body readings.


DISCLAIMER: None of my work requires a diagnosis, nor do I provide diagnostic services.  I am NOT a medical doctor, and only read the energetic imprints, patterns, imbalances, impressions, and blocks to flow through the energy body/mind (which includes the physical body).  It is my years of experience doing this work and interpretation of these readings which I offer my clients.  My practice and philosophy is quite different from what conventional medicine offers, in essence we speak different languages.  I do work in conjunction with and refer to healthcare practitioners as needed, and fully support conventional and alternative therapeutic treatment.  Any impressions or results given from intuitive testing is for educational purposes only, and should not replace diagnosis or constitute advice from a licensed medical professional.  All energy treatments provided are complementary to medical treatment, and is NOT intended to replace the advice or treatment of licensed medical professionals.  

Additionally, although I hold a license in mental health counseling, when doing energy readings, I DO NOT diagnose mental health issues, but if healing work is requested, I work primarily with energetic and educational approaches to heal and release emotional blocks.  I don’t find labels helpful for most clients, as over the years I’ve often found it is often something clients tend to cling to, which only energetically strengthens the connection to the underlying imbalance and patterns.  I also use hypnosis, acupressure tapping, somatic healing work, ancestral clearing and forgiveness work, and other energetic approaches to augment healing for emotional release.  In addition, I offer nutritional approaches to healing the body/mind, as much of the leading evidence based research is demonstrating very effective results in nutritional approaches to healing depression and other mental health issues.   A whole foods diet and regular exercise has been shown in studies to help alleviate depression and anxiety.  I also promote and teach mindfulness based and meditation practices as these too have been shown to have positive clinical effects on mental wellbeing.