Spiritual Mentorship:

This is for the dedicated healer and/or serious student already on the spiritual development path or for those who are led to this work.  This mentorship work is done one on one over the course of several months, over the phone or in person, and encompasses intuitive development, developing energetic skills, opening to higher planes, and working with the multidimensional aspects of self. Advanced topics may include: advanced energy work and healing, working with light codes, grid work, working with physical and non-physical sound, working with allies, anchoring energies and other advanced topics (as interest directs and as needed).  There may be opportunities for students to do group energy work, as this is a important use of an advanced skill set.  Serious interest only.  Contact me for more information.  

Awakening Coaching and Support:

I wish I had this support when I first started getting huge shifts of energy downloaded to me more than 10 years ago. I was being awakened into my own power and purpose, yet I had no idea what was happening to me.  I thought I was going crazy.  Furthermore, I did not know anyone I could talk to about these symptoms, and strange experiences.  To talk about this kind of experience seemed off limits even among spiritual circles.   Over time, after much searching, reading lots of information, and slowly finding my way to understanding,  I came to trust in my own awakening process, and while no two persons' experiences are quite the same, there ARE patterns of evolvement which are common to many.  As a spiritual traveller and serious student myself, and now mentor, I can offer perspective, healing, holding energetic space, grounding and guidance while you do the work in awakening and finding your purpose in the spiritual realms.

Ongoing support offered on a month to month basis, this consists of one 75 minute monthly session, and 2 weekly email followups.  Cost $200.   3 Month packages available for $525.

Healing and Attunement Sessions

I’ve found that to advance on the spiritual path, one must be doing their own personal work, which often involves healing and releasing those pieces that you outgrow, attuning and opening to higher energies, working with multidimensional aspects of self, and accessing and creating relationships with spiritual allies.  One of the tools I have found most helpful to me on my path has been working with attunements for both healing and releasing, and for growth and expansion.  There are no more faster or more beneficial tools than these which can help us stay grounded while moving forward.  I offer these to my clients in session and as recordings for the general public as a benefit for healing to all.  

Please email me for specific requests.