I see the world through the eyes of energy.  I recognize this is not the norm, nor is it an approach embraced by our culture, but over many years of working with energy, I now primarily see things from this perspective.  Energy is everything—it is flow, it is life force, it is the essence behind spirit/ form, and it is the stuff everything is made of.  Our ability to use energy is also our natural inheritance, and deep intuitive knowing.  To deny the importance of energy, from my perspective, is simply to deny how things really are.  Energy is fundamental to everything.

This viewpoint shapes the way I see and interact with the world.  Knowing how to heal and balance oneself using energy is an essential life skill, one that I believe we have forgotten (with the help of being indoctrinated to other points of view.)  Many cultures today still practice energy work as a major form of healing.  It is the underlying principle of Chinese medicine, a 3000 year old healing modality, and almost all indigenous cultures practice some kind of energy work.  It’s my hope that someday, the majority of our western cultures will recognize its power as the healing force that it IS and learn to use it to benefit all.

That said, there is no other more powerful healing tool than the mind, its views and the correct perspective on life (and application of thought, which IS energy).  What we tell ourselves about reality and how we perceive and interact with the world shapes our experiences and ultimately our health and wellbeing.  The recent discovery and ongoing study of epigenetics, the epigenome, as well as the placebo effect, has brought to light the power of the mind, and has expanded our understanding of thought as energy and as pattern, and has shown how our perception and our interaction with our environment is the ultimate determinant of our health and wellbeing.  It actually changes our DNA expression!  This is no small perspective.  Again it is the energy we put out, the energy we generate, and the energy we draw to us —that directs our experiences and ultimately our wellbeing and the course of our life.

I’ve had a lifelong sensitivity to energy and a connection to source that I did not lose as a child, like I believe many do.  A couple of life threatening healing crises, a bout with a “incurable” illness, awakened the deep knowledge of the healer within.  It is this knowledge that I want to bring to a wider audience—to help others heal, balance, know and intuit the deeper wisdom and meaning of life.  To rise to a higher level of function, creativity, service and timeless wisdom—I believe this is my life’s purpose, and one I strive to help others achieve as well.  

I humbly teach, mentor, coach, heal, and offer my work in the highest good of my clients, and the earth, helping to shift energies on a generative level.  I consider myself a steward of the earth, as our human relationship to it is one that needs immense healing and transformation.  

It all begins with US, and our capacity to heal ourselves so we can help create a more balanced world.  I am honored and blessed to be able to assist others, and I am committed to continuing to learn, grow, create, and to walk my path with integrity and compassion for all.

-Melissa Adams