Melissa is a gifted and powerful healer.  She was greatly helpful in my healing journey.

Y.H.,  Therapist and EFT practitioner, Seattle, WA


I am a registered nurse and energy healer, but was not able to help myself to get rid of a terrible systemic candida infection which I had for over a year.  Melissa worked with me from a distance, with incredible results. All the symptoms disappeared after a few treatments --- the terrible taste, the depression, the fatigue, the sugar craving.  She is not only talented and effective, but extremely professional and responsive.  I feel so fortunate that my son recommended her to me.

N. S., Ojai, CA.


Melissa is amazing!  She's the first call I make when I require ANY kind of healing (and I need A LOT of it!), and she never fails to come through for me.  She's helped me to overcome migraines, stomach problems & joint pain, to name a few, and is someone I have complete faith & trust in.  As talented a healer as she is, what truly makes her special is that she'll make you feel like you're her only client.  She listens, cares and delivers.  I've referred her many times, and will continue to do so.

Melissa is a gift, and I & the friends I know who are lucky enough to have crossed paths with her are blessed.

Thank you, Melissa!

Miguel S. Sammamish, WA.


I had what I can best be described as a "medical mystery" and today, I am better as a person and mother than before I got sick -  healthy, active, conscious, present, more knowledgable about health and wellness and feel great overall.

I am a mother of 2 young children and in the fall of 2014, I got the "flu" that I originally chalked up too much work, travel and stress. 

Fast forward and each month, I still felt exhausted and started developing additional symptoms - muscle weakness, swelling knee, headaches, overall lethargy, short term memory loss, insomnia and anxiety. 

My body was deteriorating at such a high speed that I could not even watch my children alone at my lowest point. I went to MDs, Chiropractors and an Acupuncturist with little to no relief.

In the midst my quest of trying to cure myself with a long list of herbs, supplements and nutrition for 5 months, I found Melissa one late night by the grace of the universe!  From our first phone conversation, her calm, non-judgmental demeanor gave me a deep sense of peace and "knowing" that everything was going to be alright.

Melissa is a healer with countless tools.  She was able to complete testing and perform treatments on my body remotely.  Melissa was able to quickly identify the root cause of my symptoms. I had a number of different pathogens including many different bacterias and viruses cycling at rapid speed which created a SUPERbug.  Although I did not completely understand Melissa's healing methods initially, I could intuitively feel that it was the right path for me.

Melissa deactivated the pathogens in a prioritized number of cycles and in the first few days of working with her, I started feeling better by leaps and bounds.  I resumed my normal intense cardio workouts, was able to resume fully active caretaker duties with my kids and just felt normal again!

I have never met Melissa in person yet our relationship and connection is strong.  Our relationship developed only over email and phone, yet I trusted her with my life. 

I cannot capture in words the depth of her ability. She is a healer of the physical body, the mind and soul.  She is knowledgable about nutrition, supplements, keeps up with the latest news in the industry which coupled with her numerous energy healing techniques makes her so well rounded. 

She has been given a gift by the universe. 

My journey has truly come full circle.  My work with Melissa continues today in spiritual mentorship and occasional nutritional counseling. 

She also works with my two children, my sister and was quickly able to heal my dad's pneumonia. My dad, who is an MD, was about to go into the hospital, but I asked him to trust me and convinced him to take a chance with Melissa.  She quickly assessed the situation and performed 3-4 deactivations. He immediately felt better and avoided a hospital stay with IV antibiotics.

Working with Melissa has helped me become healthier, look at nutrition in a whole new way for my family, has helped me become more conscious and present in everyday life, and helped me understand and take an active role in my spiritual journey. What I deeply value about Melissa is that she never judges and allows you to be in control of your journey always.

I now understand that nothing is an accident, everything is energy, our beliefs directly impact our health and that we all have a life's purpose!

I am forever grateful for this gift.

Lisa M., Minneapolis, MN


Melissa Adams is a wonderful energy healer. She is very well-versed in nutrition and health issues. After she has been able to detect the issues that are bothersome, she has an array of tools to work with you in finding a solution. As is often the case, you might see her for a particular issue but Melissa is able to intuitively find the underlying causes and help you clear them.

I saw Melissa specifically for several allergies to eggs, dairy and yeast and I’m glad to say that I was cleared for all except the dairy. She wisely recommended trying goat or raw milk and raw milk products and I have found no adverse reaction to them. I found her to be very thorough inher intuitive reading and treatment, as she is in contact frequently, following up afterwards on possible side effects you may experience.  My health improved dramatically after her treatments were over and as a result I’m so much more wiser about my diet and choices for myself and my family. She is very down to earth and accessible and I must add, a great listener. 

I highly recommend her services for any type of ailment for the whole family!

Patricia B., Woodinville, WA.


Melissa works miracles. Her remarkable intuitive energetic healing skills, combined with her spiritual wisdom and deep knowledge of the body, make her an exceptional healer. I have been working with Melissa for many years. Time and time again, I am amazed at how she is able to intuit my issues and energetically make shifts in my body that lead to relief and increased well-being.  Melissa works with respect and compassion. I recommend her highly.

Diana S., Mill Valley, CA.


I came to Melissa an overall healthy person, what I looked to gain from working with Melissa was an overall increase in energy and I also wanted to become more knowledgeable on what things I could do better for it as far as what supplements and vitamins worked best for my particular body. Melissa was able to help me find what was and wasn't working for my body. And what I found is the things I cut out and eliminated as well as the vitamins and minerals I added contributed to a significant energy increase for me. One of the things I like best about working with Melissa is that she gives advice and suggestions but never makes you feel like you 'must' do anything. She allows you to work at your own pace and you choose how far you want to go with your energy work with no pressure what so ever.  For me, that was key and very rare to find. 

Cheryl M., Orlando, FL


I've worked with Melissa for many years and have had the true blessing to experience many of her truly amazing gifts. 

She has helped me and my family using energy work. She has helped us heal from everything to your common cold and flu bug to more complicated things like systemic yeast, parasites etc.  We would have never know that so many of the aches and pains we had, had to do with yeast and other bugs. I also had the true blessing of having Melissa help me post c-section delivery. Without her help, the infection I got would have very easily landed me back in the hospital. 

Melissa has helped me figure out foods that I'm allergic to as well as eliminating many food allergies all together.  This has been particularly beneficial while trying to figure out out a diet for my small child. 

Melissa has also helped eliminate blockages that have occurred for many different reasons. Stress from work, life, crazy life events, etc...  These blocks can cause severe discomfort both emotionally and physically. When the blocks are removed... It's like a weight has been lifted. It's pretty profound. 

Melissa has helped me understand the importance of daily grounding and balancing. It takes such little time, but the impact is immeasurable. She also created a simple audio that helps me stay on track. 

As a health care provider myself, I know her skills and abilities are not found elsewhere and I often refer my clients to her to get the healing help they need.

Heather C., Redmond, WA


Prior to working with Melissa I thought I would have to learn to live with the diagnosis of herpes. I had received energy work before to try to heal the herpes with no luck. It had gotten to the point that everytime I would get stressed in the slightest, an outbreak would occur. Furthermore, I had no interest in taking medication for the rest of my life and the Dr's had no other suggestions.  Her treatment was successful, and It has been well over a year since my last outbreak!

 -L.N., Redmond, WA


Melissa helped me improve my macular degeneration.   After working with Melissa for several weeks, the degeneration of my retina has stabilized according to my ophthalmologist.  In the 4 months since Melissa treated me, my night vision has improved remarkably.  My vision was so poor that I was unable to drive at night before treatment, and now I am no longer afraid of driving after dark.  It's amazing the difference.

-David A., Reedsville, PA